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Concentrated Company Power

Since 2009, the companies Huser & Peyer AG, Stationenbau AG as well as Rutschmann AG all operate under one roof: BBC Cellpack Power Systems!

Company History of BBC Cellpack Power Systems

After the successful merger of these companies, BBC Cellpack Power Systems AG presented more accumulated know-how, had expanded business areas for more market flexibility and was perfectly equipped for the advancing market.

In 2009, the following companies were merged into the powerful company of BBC Cellpack Power Systems:

  • Siegfried Peyer AG, Wollerau (taken over in 1993 by Huser)
  • Rutschmann AG, Grüningen (taken over in 2001 by Stationenbau AG)
  • Huser & Peyer AG, Busswil (taken over in 2007 by BBC Cellpack Power Systems)
  • Stationenbau AG, Villmergen (take over in 2008 by BBC Cellpack Power Systems)

Consistency and stability in combination with pioneering product development: we appreciate long-lasting customer relationships and adapt ourselves to meet customer requirements. We do enjoy looking back on our history but focus on the future, looking forwards in tandem with our customers, nurturing existing collaborations and building new ones. 

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