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Service à la carte

We offer maintenance and upkeep services for almost all transformer station, system parts: cement housing, medium-voltage systems, low-voltage systems, cable distribution cabinets as well as for transformers.

Value-added Services – we value a longstanding customer relationship

Servicing and Maintenance of Systems, with or without a service agreement

What can we do for you?

  • clean or re-grout cement housing?
  • replace doors and ventilation grids?
  • Are the relay protection tests due?
  • check the earthing system?
  • check the circuit breakers in low- and medium-voltage systems?
  • new doors for cable distribution cabinets or cement impregnation?

Depending on availability, we carry out all the work ourselves or alternatively, we can commission local experts such as network or building construction companies to carry out the work on our behalf. We like to make sure that you receive all services from one company, thus avoiding having to deal with a variety of companies or having to pay for long journey times to your site.

Service Offering
With the medium-voltage systems (air- or liquid isolated), the service focus lies with the systems from the companies that we are formed from: Stationenbau, Peyer, Huser, Huser & Peyer, Rutschmann, Kabinenbau Kummer, Wickmann.

We offer comprehensive services for all other products irrespective of the original manufacturer.