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Services and Retrofitting

For transformer stations manufactured by BBC Cellpack Power Systems (or our predecessor companies Huser & Peyer and Stationenbau AG), we are pleased to offer you comprehensive services including retrofitting.

Services for Transformer Stations

Individual Services

We offer a Service «à la carte» according to your requirements. Or put your trust in our experts and let us put together a recommendation for you that matches each individual transformer station. 

Serivce Overview

Every station is individual and has its own life story. We are happy to go on-site and record all the necessary and appropriate repairs. That way, we can be sure to offer you our services at an attractive and transparent fixed price.

We conduct our repairs, following a standard checklist:

  • cleaning the station build inside and out (including roof, doors, ventilation grids)
  • repairs on cement elements or doors / ventilation grids
  • painting or new impregnation
  • new grouting
  • replace old doors and ventilation grids
  • replace electrical installations (lighting inside)
  • test and maintain earthing system.

Renovating Transformer Stations

Our services:

  • complete replacement of electrical systems
  • replace low-voltage distribution system
  • replace medium-voltage distribution system
  • replace the transformers including upgrading the touch-proof terminals
  • replace old low- and medium voltage cabling
  • etc.


Christian Strebel
Manager Installation and Service Team Villmergen
+41 56 619 88 14