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Your Service Partner for
Cable Distribution Cabinets

We offer comprehensive services and retrofitting for cement or reinforced glass-fibre cable distribution cabinets manufactured by BBC Cellpack Power Systems (or our predecessor companies Peyer, Huser & Peyer and Rutschmann).

Services for Cable Distribution Cabinets


Cement or reinforced glass-fibre cabinet housing as well as the front doors can be, depending on location, very exposed to environmental influences or vandalism. Or maybe the interior build of a facility simply does not meet the required standards are a long lifecycle.

Talk to us – we can check the state of your system and put together an appropriate service package for you.

Your Service Partner for all Brands, Types and Manufacturers 

We offer our services for all brands and types from all manufacturers, irrespective of whether you purchased the cabinet from us or not.

Send us photos including pictures of the identification plate so we can examine the condition of your cabinet. Alternatively, we can evaluate this on-site. This way, we can give you our recommendations for necessary repairs directly. For this service, we can put together an individual offer, dependent on scope.

Maintenance of cement surfaces and new sealings:

  • replace cabinet roof
  • replace the front doors (also for cabinets in niches)
  • replace screw protectors
  • replace the whole cabinet with a model of similar build (we also build in special sizes in cement that can fit perfectly on your foundations)
  • Etc.

Interior Renovation

  • cleaning, painting
  • repair electrical equipment including public and internal lighting
  • replace damp protection
  • replace fuse holders
  • etc.

We are happy to offer you perfectly fitted replacement cabinets, which means that we can simply exchange one for the other, thus fitting perfectly on your foundation, as long as it is still intact.

Finding solutions is what we do best!


Benedikt Bruehwiler
Back Office Sales and Service CDC
+41 71 929 58 46