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Comprehensive Services for Low-voltage Distribution Systems 

We offer services including retrofit for low-voltage distribution systems manufactured by BBC Cellpack Power Systems (or one of the predecessor companies Huser & Peyer and Stationenbau AG).

Maintenance for Low-voltage Distribution Systems

Regular Testing and Maintenance

The circuit breakers including the built-in protection functions and measuring devices from low-voltage distribution systems require regular testing and part maintenance. We can offer you a comprehensive service package and look forward to hearing from you with your service enquiry. 

We are your service-focussed partner for: 

  • the maintenance of your low-voltage system
  • the inspection, upkeep, maintenance and for replacing individual panels
  • for the whole system as well as individual key components.

We are happy to advise you about complying with current standards (SN EN 61439), so that the system conforms to the respective rules and regulations.

We can also expand on existing, older systems as far as is technically possible or we can offer you alternative solutions.

We offer thermographic imaging for heavily used systems or to uncover critical hot spots. 


Christian Strebel
Manager Installation and Service Team Villmergen
+41 56 619 88 14