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Cable Distribution Cabinets: quality tested for your energy management

Cable distribution cabinets, quality tested in accordance with EN 61439-5 as well as all the necessary accessories to build electricity networks: BBC Cellpack Power Systems offers a wide range of cable distribution cabinets made out of cement, polyester, reinforced cement or glass fibre reinforced polyester.

Cable distribution cabinets made of concrete and plastic

Our extensive range of exposed concrete and polyester cable distribution cabinets have been tested compliant with SN EN 61439-5, are designed for outdoor low-voltage distribution and offer a very individual design including all necessary fittings.


Cable distribution cabinets made of exposed concrete
Type K71 – the spacious one (width from 1160-2160 mm)
Type M82 – the compact one (width from 740-1240 mm)


Cable distribution cabinets made of fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP)
Type P75 – the lightweight one (width from 461-1121 mm)


Replacement solutions for obsolete distribution cabinets
We ensure the availability of former products (by Rutschmann) and are happy to advise you on extensions, renovations or the replacement of obsolete systems.
Don’t hesitate to contact our technical support team!



KVK Online – Simply order your cable distribution cabinets online.

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