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Low-voltage switchgear assemblies in proven and tested quality

As a pioneer in the implementation of current standard specifications, BBC Cellpack Power Systems supplies reliable switchgear assemblies for electrical power distribution in public and private low-voltage networks.

Low-voltage switchgear assemblies by BBC Cellpack Power Systems compliant with SN EN 61439

All electrical power distribution systems produced by us are designed, documented and tested according to the current SN EN 61439 standard. Due to many years of expertise in the engineering of electrical systems for public distribution networks and industry, we are able to implement largely customer-specific, standard-compliant solutions up to 4000 A despite strict regulations.

Low-voltage distributions for every requirement

BBC Cellpack Power Systems supplies low-voltage switchgear assemblies for power distribution in the low-voltage network of various facilities such as transformer stations, industrial plants, renewable power generation and rectifier stations and many other applications.

Regardless of the application area, we implement systems in your preferred design or according to customer-specific specifications based on the customer's in-house standards. Our R&D never stops. Thus, we can guarantee state-of-the-art control cabinets and other additional functionalities such as personal protection for working on live components or Smart Grid solutions.

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