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Building Accessories for Transformer Substations and other Technical Equipment Buildings

We can deliver and assemble all building supplies individually or as part of our transformer stations builds.

Come and talk to us about your new build or renovation project and we can deliver the right building accessories for that project!

  • doors
  • ventilation grilles
  • partition floor systems made out of cement, grates or floorboards
  • cable ducts
  • transformer oil-collection trays made out of stainless steel or glass fibre reinforced polyester (GFK)
  • transformer rails
  • station signage  

Discover Our Portfolio of Doors and Ventilation Grilles

Door- and ventilation components for your transformer stations and other technical equipment housings.

Our Megoport doors speak for themselves:

  • massive aluminium profiles
  • thick-walled sandwich panels
  • special locking systems
  • various closing systems: door lock, cylinder lock, 3-point locking system
  • can be customised to meet your requirements

Perfect Temperature Regulation
Together with the vents in our doors, the built-in ventilation grilles guarantee optimal heat removal in your technical equipment housings thus avoiding uncontrolled heat accumulation.

Long-lasting Quality and Safety – Swiss made!
The grilles are robust, weather-resistant, low maintenance and ideal for transformer stations, gas stations, waterworks and public building equipment rooms and facilities.

The ventilation grilles also act as pressure-release vents in the event of a malfunction.
If required, our specialists are happy to assemble doors and ventilation grilles on-site.

We look forward to having a personal consultation with you to discuss your requirements.

For technical support:

Beat Helfenstein
Specialist for Building Part and Accessories
+41 56 619 88 21

Contact sales office

Subfloor Systems

Subfloor Systems for Transformer Stations and Technical Equipment Housing

Our subfloor systems are perfect for separating the cabling area from the equipment area that lies above.

Typically, these systems are installed in transformer stations and in technical equipment rooms in public or industrial buildings or facilities. The floor systems are sized according to their intended use and requirements and then installed on-site.

We are happy to advise you on whatever you need for your build whether it be subfloors, partition floors, substructures, wooden-beamed ceilings, dead floors or any other construction element.

Discover Our Wide Range of Building Supplies

Building Supplies for your Transformer Station and Technical Equipment Housing

Whether hanging or standing, we have transformer trays to meet every requirement!
Our glass fibre reinforced collection trays are perfect when placed on the floor underneath the transformer mounting rails. The polyester trays are available in different popular sizes, depending on the size of the transformer.

Further models of our rust-free, steel oil collection trays are ideal for hanging assemblies, which means that the transformer cables can be laid underneath the tray.

Our Extensive Range of Accessories

We can also deliver a wide range of other accessories for stations such as identification tags and switchgear material as well as specific, network construction accessories such as earth rods.

Contact us now to arrange a free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.