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Cable Distribution Cabinets: quality tested for your energy management

Cable distribution cabinets, quality tested in accordance with EN 61439-5 as well as all the necessary accessories to build electricity networks: BBC Cellpack Power Systems offers a wide range of cable distribution cabinets made out of cement, polyester, reinforced cement or glass fibre reinforced polyester.

What we offer:

  • we ensure timely delivery of former products (Rutschmann and Kummer) and develop new solutions for the future
  • in Villmergen we manufacture high quality, reinforced concrete, cable distribution cabinets as well as glass-fibre reinforced cabinets, available in a wide range of finishes
  • Do you have old and worn out systems? We can help!

Our sales representatives in the field look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Cable distribution cabinets made out of reinforced cement: a strong solution!

Norm-tested Cable Distribution Cabinets made out of Reinforced Cement

Our cement, cable distribution cabinets meet the requirements of standard EN61439-1/-5.
Cellpack Products ensure a safe and long-lasting energy distribution in your grid.

Our services are your gains:

  • we work exclusively with specifically chosen, high quality materials
  • your have the choice: cabinets in a timeless design, smooth or structured, in many variations and sizes, robust enough for outside
  • we produce the standard cement type such as „Rutschmann“ through to manufacturing customised solutions based on the product ranges K71 and M82
  • we deliver all the required accessories
  • we offer the busbar system with insert nuts for low/high voltage elements thus guaranteeing a very flexible build for customer specific lighting- and meter trays

Rely on our expertise, competence and our high quality cable distribution cabinets.



For technical support:

Damian Wirth
Product Manager for Cable Distribution Cabinets
+41 56 619 88 36

Contact sales office

Glass-fibre reinforced cable distribution cabinets – durable and economical

Cable distribution cabinets made out of glass-fibre reinforced polyester

These variations of the cable distribution cables cabinets guarantee reliable energy distribution at an affordable price.

Product Fact Sheet:

  • available in various designs and sizes including matching plinths
  • the lightweight cabinet is advantageous for handling and installation
  • our busbar systems with insert nuts for low/high voltage elements guarantee very flexible upgrades alongside a range of customer specific lighting-and meter trays
  • type P75 with gabled roof and poster-unfriendly surfaces
  • we can develop special solutions exactly to your requirements

Come and experience our comprehensive portfolio range for yourself – it meets all your requirements!