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Building Accessories for Transformer Substations and other Technical Equipment Buildings

We can deliver and assemble all building supplies individually or as part of our transformer stations builds.

Doors and ventilation grilles for transformer stations and other technical rooms

Our Megaport doors speak for themselves:

  • massive aluminium profiles
  • thick-walled sandwich panels
  • special locking systems
  • various closing systems: door lock, cylinder lock, 3-point locking system
  • can be customised to meet your requirements

Our grilles: Perfect Temperature Regulation
Together with the vents in our doors, the built-in ventilation grilles guarantee optimal heat removal in your technical equipment housings thus avoiding uncontrolled heat accumulation.

Long-lasting Quality and Safety – Swiss made!
The grilles are robust, weather-resistant, low maintenance and ideal for transformer stations, gas stations, waterworks and public building equipment rooms and facilities.

The ventilation grilles also act as pressure-release vents in the event of a malfunction.
If required, our specialists are happy to assemble doors and ventilation grilles on-site.



For technical support:

Beat Helfenstein
Specialist for Building Part and Accessories
+41 56 619 88 21