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Medium-voltage Switchgear
«à la carte»

If you're looking for a larger highly-skilled partner for the supply and assembly of medium-voltage systems (replacements or new systems), you've come to the right place.

Our project managers will work with you to define your system requirements. We'll purchase the systems for you and take overall charge of project management, coordination and testing, including medium-voltage protection technology.

Key services at a glance:

  • Specification, ordering and testing for the complete systems from the chosen manufacturer
  • Handling of components such as protective relays and instrument transformers
  • Coordination with medium-voltage protection technology suppliers
  • Dismantling, removal and proper disposal of old systems
  • Just-in-time delivery and installation of new systems
  • Service and maintenance agreements

As cooperating partners of the German manufacturer DRIESCHER, we are your experienced contact partner as well as partner for sales and services for high-quality indoor medium-voltage systems.

Choose medium-voltage systems «à la carte» from our comprehensive product portfolio.

SF6-free, liquid-insulated, medium-voltage, compact switchgear for your distribution network

Medium-voltage Compact Switchgear ECOS-C

As the slimmest, medium-voltage compact switchgear system of its class, the ECOS-C offers you a SF6-free and user-friendly solution. All panels are equipped with high quality, vacuum circuit breakers and high performing controllers.

The type tested, metal-encased, single bus system is designed for a broad range of applications including those with more demanding requirements. Since 2018, with «Made in Germany, by Driescher».

These robust systems for nominal voltages up to 24 kV and nominal currents up to 630 A are available in 2 to 7 bay units, that can be easily combined as required.


Today you can choose the technology of tomorrow for your energy distribution grid.



Indoor MV switchgears, SF6- free, air-insulated


BBC Cellpack Power Systems offers an extensive range of DRIESCHER switch panels for indoor applications, which can be delivered in any specification.


Stationary-mounted, withdrawable mounting and mobile stationary-mounted design Graphics
The various mounting options enable us to provide a customised, cost-effective solution for every requirements profile.

Stationary-mounted design: Permanently bolted switchgear. Versions with a switch-disconnector, circuit breaker or switch-disconnector/fuse combination. Virtually any combinations in D-panels and the even more compact F-panels (but without circuit-breaker version).

Withdrawable mounting design: Allows a visible isolating distance, high user safety and ease of use by ejecting the circuit breaker. High variability and operational availability can be achieved. This design is used in W-panels and in Pro-AIR H.

Mobile stationary-mounted design: Combines the efficiency and compactness of the stationary-mounted design with the convenience and variability of the withdrawable design. While the switchgear is permanently installed, the circuit breaker can be quickly removed, when de-energised, by unscrewing 2 screws. This design is used in W-panels and in Pro-AIR H.


Industrial systems with 2- or 3-compartment design Graphics
W-panels in withdrawable design with 2- or 3-compartments make it possible to satisfy increased requirements for operational availability. In these systems, certain maintenance works can be carried out if the busbars (EK2) is live and additionally if the cable connection compartment (E3K) is live. 

• Single-bus, duplicate-bus and duplex systems
• Compact switch gear 12/24 kV, 630 A                                          
• Customised switches such as, e.g. switching block 24 kV, 630 A    


Indoor switch-disconnector EN 62271-103


A switch-disconnector is able to disconnect the rated operating current.

Depending on the preferred type of switch panel, four different types of switch-disconnectors are available. All types are also available as a disconnector-/fuse-combination.

• M 3007 (with fuses), 24/36 kV, 400 A

• H 22, 12 up to 36 kV, 1250 A

• H 27, 12/24 kV, 630 A

• H 29, 24/36 kV, 630 A

HV fuse-links

For decades in use, available for almost every conceivable application: 
HV fuse-links by DRIESCHER with pin trigger and thermal protection.

• HV fuse-link 6 up to 36 kV, Type STA up to 160 A or Type SSK up to 125 A


Indoor disconnecting switch and earthing switch EN 62271-102

A disconnecting switch is able to create an isolating distance, when in open position, according to the defined requirements (but it cannot switch currents).

An earthing switch is able to earth parts of an electric circuit for all poles and can withstand currents in case of a short-circuit for a defined period (but does not conduct current under operating conditions).

• Disconnecting switch ITr, 12 to 40.5 kV, 6300 A

• Earthing switch ES, 12/24 kV, 50 kA 

Indoor circuit breaker (vacuum) EN 62271-100 

A circuit breaker is able to permanently conduct currents under operating conditions, as well as to activate, conduct and deactivate currents for a defined period in the electric circuit in case of a short-circuit.

The V-series is designed for the withdrawable or mobile stationary-mounted design in W-panels.

• Circuit breaker V-series, 12 up to 38,5 kV, 2500 A

The Tavrida ISM type is designed for stationary installation in D-panels.

• Circuit breaker Tavrida ISM, 24 kV, 2000 A

DRIESCHER products have been in use for decades and have been successfully tried and tested a thousand times over. Whatever you use on a daily basis must be maintained accordingly.

Don’t hesitate to contact us also for service issues