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Outdoor medium voltage

DRIESCHER is a manufacturer of outdoor switchgear with decades of experience. BBC Cellpack Power Systems offers a wide range of this high-performance product segment.

Outdoor medium-voltage switchgear

Outdoor Switch-Disconnector (low-oil and vacuum) EN 62271-103 
Outdoor switch-disconnectors have been shown to work reliably and ensure excellent operational safety. The extinguishing compartment system is designed either with low oil consumption or in vacuum technology.

  • Outdoor switch-disconnector FLa 15/60 (low-oil) 12 up to 38.5 kV, 400 up to 630 A, 
    16 up to 25 kA
  • Outdoor switch-disconnector FLa 15/97 (vacuum) 12 up to 38.5 kV, 400 up to 1250 A, 25 up to 31.5 kA

Outdoor disconnecting switch EN 62271-102 
The outdoor disconnecting switch Type FTr covers a wide range of applications and is suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation positions; it can also be equipped with a motor.

• Outdoor disconnecting switch FTr 12 up to 52 kV, 6300 A, 63 kA

Outdoor earthing switch EN 62271-102 
All outdoor earthing switches Type FES (as well as all indoor earthing switches) are make-proof. Installation position and motor drive are also selectable.

• Outdoor earthing switch FES 12 up to 52 kV, 50 kA