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SGIM – The Comprehensive Smart Grid Solution by BBC Cellpack Power Systems

The Smart Grid Interface Module by BBC Cellpack Power Systems is a comprehensive modular system for easy and cost-effective implementation of Smart Grid applications.

Comprehensive Smart Grid Solution

With SGIM by BBC Cellpack Power Systems, low-voltage grids can be visualized in an instant and aligned to future requirements. 

Easy: The state of the low-voltage grid can be visualised quickly, easily and cost-effectively - current data already from the very first day! 

Reliable: Regardless of costly infrastructure due to web-based solution - implemented with proven industrial technology and certified according to the most recent standards, including cyber security. 

Persuasive: A comprehensive package with low investment costs and operating costs. A system that adapts to the development of the smart grid and grows with the needs of customers.



  • All-in-one solution with tried and tested hardware, transmission, visualisation and data management 
  • 3-phase and 4-phase monitoring of up to 10 low-voltage connections per unit
  • Voltage, power, mains frequency and phase angle as an integrated standard feature, extensible 
  • easy availability of measured data on portal server with archiving function
  • uninterrupted, simple (re)installation on 185 mm busbar systems
  • low investment and operating costs
  • scalable





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