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Substations: smart and stable solutions

Our long-standing, core competences lie in planning, manufacturing, building and delivering future-robust, reliable, high quality substations.

We can deliver to your individual requirements whether your need a factory-assembled solution or an integrated substation for an existing site.

Flexibility – We plan the construction of buildings for transformer stations and other purposes, building them directly on site.

Safety – Our SmartGrid solutions guarantee the highest levels of safety and reliability in the energy supply sector.

Diverse – Our main customers are power plants as well as customers in industry and infrastructure.

Comprehensive – We can offer you all components and solutions that your energy supply system requires:

Transformer buildings / Local exchange stations / Oil drip tanks / SmartGrid-Solutions / Cement housing / Control systems

Working together with us you can be assured of:

  • flexibility
  • variety
  • short planning and installation times
  • expert advice
  • many years of experience in planning, manufacturing and installing.

You define the requirements and we will take care of the solution!

Factory-built Transformer Stations, safeguarding energy supply

Our factory-built transformer stations have been type tested according to SN EN 62271-202. They are available in two different builds: the FORA (externally operated) and DENTRA (internally operated).

The stations are completely constructed in our factories after which they are transported to the building site where they are then assembled.

Many varieties of surface finishes and facades are available and we can deliver cable ducts that match the stations.

Special designs are available for slopes and for extensions to in-situ concrete structures. 

We deliver tailored solutions to meet your requirements!

For technical support:

Bernd Heyder
Product Manager for Stations
+41 56 619 88 33



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Integrated Transformer Stations built in accordance with SN EN 61936-1

Integrated transformer stations encompass the construction of all station components such as transformers, medium-voltage systems, low-voltage distribution, double flooring, oil tanks, lighting, doors and ventilation grids. We install the cabling both high- and low voltage sides, the safety devices, control systems (SmartGrid) and parameterise the medium-voltage safety devices.

In urban or industrial areas, transformer stations are often installed in existing buildings or integrated into station rooms of new builds. We can support you when planning the layout, calculating the non-ionising radiation, in developing medium-voltage concepts and we can take on the complete integration of the factory-assembled transformer stations in accordance SN EN 61936-1.

Furthermore, we can manufacture and construct on-site, customer-specific cement housing for transformer stations and other uses.

We are also happy to take on renovation or extension work on existing transformer stations.