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Outdoor transformer stations

Reliable, compact stations in the smallest space, installed and equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Outdoor transformer stations – Implementing your individual requirements

Flexible – We can plan buildings for transformer stations and other applications and install them directly on site.

Safe – Our Smart Grid solutions guarantee maximum energy supply safety and reliability.

Versatile – Our main customers are power plants and customers from the industry and infrastructure sectors.

Comprehensive – We can provide you with all of the components and solutions you need for your energy supply system: transformer buildings / power stations / oil collection trays / Smart Grid solutions / concrete cabins / control systems

Work with us – we can offer:

  • Flexibility
  • Versatility
  • Short planning and assembly times
  • Skilled advice
  • Years of experience in planning, production and assembly

You define the requirements, we'll take care of the solution!

Tiefstation T97

Underground station T97

Industrially pre-fabricated outdoor building station 

  • Compact design
  • Half sunk into the ground, for terrain heights under 1.5 m
  • One-piece reinforced concrete housing with folding steel roof
  • Current medium-voltage switchgear types as factory-assembled station, type-tested in accordance with SN EN 62271-202
  • Transformer installed from above if the roof is folded back
  • Complete station development at our factory
  • Transport and assembly in one day




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