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Cable distribution cabinets made of plastic

Sturdy, durable, and cost-effective for safe and reliable energy distribution.

Cable distribution cabinets made of GFRP from BBC Cellpack Power Systems

The cable distribution cabinets are made of glass fibre reinforced polyester (GFRP) and conform to the latest standards. The cabinets are designed for low-voltage distribution in outdoor areas and can be individually equipped with fused switch-disconnectors based on customer specifications. The low weight of the cabinets facilitates handling and assembly.

Cable distribution cabinets made of plastic

Our P75 distribution cabinet, compliant with SN EN 61439-1/-5, is composed of glass fibre reinforced polyester and is available in four sizes.

Product features

Type overview
P75 cable distribution cabinet - The lightweight one (available in four sizes)

Design standards
SN EN 61439-1/-5; SN EN 62208

Housing material/surface
Glass fibre reinforced polyester (GFRP) also referred to as sheet moulding compound (SMC), glow wire test 960°C, heat resistant >200°C, light grey RAL 7035, textured surface to prevent billposting.

Width (outside): 461, 596, 791, 1121 mm
Width (inside): 420, 555, 750, 1050 mm
Outside height, above ground 1057 – 1142 mm
Depth (outside) 322 mm
Depth (inside) 241 mm

Degree of protection
Outside IP44, protection class II

Type of installation
PENDA-O (Outdoor Public Electricity Network Distribution Assemblies)

Door system
Three-point locking mechanism, 180° opening, available for KABA or DIN cylinders.

Passive labyrinth ventilation via door system.

Base plates
Base covers come in two parts and are easily detachable.

Entry systems
Construction power entry, incorporated on both sides of the base foundation, Ø 55 mm

Moisture barrier
The FS 98 sealing system with two Flexathene® mats to reduce the amount of work required ensures the best sealing of the inserted conductors.

Attachment points
For all electrical installations, attachment points are provided in the rear walls.

Ready-made foundations for distribution cabinets
Suitable base foundations are available for the distribution cabinets.

Busbar system SaS
The SICUNORM T630 (284 mm2) busbar system, from Cellpack, is available either bare or nickel-plated. The system comes with or without M8 and M12 press-in nuts, which are spaced 25 mm apart, and offers a highly flexible NH fused switch-disconnector design. The PEN rail can be designed with sliding or press-in nuts.

Short circuit current rating (SCCR)
Icw: 25 kA (1 s)

Electrical installations
The busbar system can be fitted with NH fused switch-disconnectors from CPS (slide connection for cable lugs), made by Jean Müller, Hager, Pronutec or other manufacturers according to customer specifications.

Mounting and installation of street lighting distribution systems, measurements with meter/ripple control receiver stations available.

Domestic power requirement using a DIN 00 power bar with T23 and LED torch available.

Cabinets can also be prepared with perforated plates to simplify the installation of low-voltage current components.

Depending on environmental conditions and the sensitivity of the installed switchgear, we offer solutions equipped with small electric heaters, which are efficiently controlled using a hygrostat.