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Cable ducts from BBC Cellpack Power Systems

We supply shaft systems of all load classes from A 15 to D 400, compliant with SN EN 124 for your transformer stations, loop shafts, and distribution cabinets.

Superior cable ducts for distribution cabinets and transformer stations

Precisely fitting cable shafts and shaft covers for in-situ concrete, in load classes A 15, B 125, C 250 and D 400 compliant with EN 124, ensure optimum access to power cables.

Cable ducts for transformer stations

Cable ducts make it easier to safely access underground power cables.

Our product range includes the cable duct type NORMA in defined preferred sizes and load classes B 125 and C 250, compliant with SN EN 124.

We offer custom-made cable duct designs for individual sizes and up to load class D 400, with fixable cover and suitable for withstanding road traffic.



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Other products

Foundations and cable ducts for distribution cabinets

An extensive range of cable duct lids and shaft covers for street-level foundations of distribution cabinets, as well as on-site concreted cabinet pre-shafts or cable loop shafts are available in a variety of dimensions in load classes A 15 (1.5 t) to B 125 (12.5 t) compliant with EN 124.

The concrete manhole covers have a textured structure which improves the grip of the surface. The manhole and cover frames are made of stainless steel. Suitable lifting and rolling equipment is also available from BBC Cellpack Power Systems.