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Doors and ventilation grilles

We supply and install doors and ventilation grilles made-to-measure - as a single part or as a component of our transformer stations.

Station doors and ventilation grilles for transformer stations and other mechanical rooms

Our solid aluminium doors in sandwich construction and ventilation grilles are made-to-measure and we assemble them, too. Even for very demanding installation conditions, we find the right design solution.

In addition to our MEGAPORT type, we also supply fire doors of class EI 30 or according to your specifications.

Doors with certification of the resistance class against break-ins are also available.

Station doors
Our doors for industrial applications of the MEGAPORT type are ideally suited to transformer stations and operating rooms of public or industrial buildings or facilities. The doors are manufactured made-to-measure and installed by us in order to fit precisely, even if required for special openings.

MEGAPORT doors are outstanding due to their solid aluminium profiles, door leaf in sandwich design and 3-point locking system.

The requirements can be tailored to your needs and can be expanded.

In fact, Cellpack also provides tailor-made solutions for fire doors and for doors with a proven resistance class against break-ins.

Our ventilation grilles for wall installation, together with the vents in our doors, guarantee the best possible cooling of the transformer station.

Like the MEGAPORT doors, the ventilation grilles are very sturdy, weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and are especially suitable for transformer stations, gas stations, waterworks and the mechanical rooms of public buildings and facilities.

In addition to the standard colourless anodised aluminium design, we also supply our doors and ventilation grilles painted in your preferred colour.

Product features


consisting of a door leaf, door frame (jamb) and accessories
single and double leaf, active leaf on left or right-hand side
prepared for the installation of a KABA half cylinder lock, 1514/32.5, Ø 22 mm
Installation of all common cylinders possible according to customer specifications


Door wing

Solid frame with door leaf and optional integrated ventilation grilles
opening to the right or left
Triblock door lock
Door handle or knob outside and inside, knob fixed or turnable
all-round seals

Aluminium, colourless anodised or painted, RAL paint colour according to customer specifications

Door leaf
Sandwich construction with expanded polystyrene (EPS) core, 30 mm, aluminium sheet (thickness 1.5 mm) on both sides

Ventilation grilles
Aluminium louvers integrated at the top, bottom, or over the entire surface
Degree of protection IP 43
inside with perforated plate as insect and rodent protection
splash and drifting snow proof


Door frame (jamb)

Frame made of tubing 50 x 50 x 3 mm, with reduced or removable threshold as an option
Frame made of angle iron for end stop (optional)
Double wing door with vertical mullion (optional)

Aluminium, colourless anodised or painted, RAL paint colour according to customer specifications
Steel, galvanised, painted, RAL paint colour according to customer specifications (optional)



Rain canopy made of aluminium, colourless anodised or painted, RAL paint colour according to customer specifications
Door stop
Leather strap as opening limiter
Door earthing MP/NP 16 mm2

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