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Earth rod from Cellpack

For a safe and durable earthing connection.

Earth rods from BBC Cellpack Power Systems

Offer a cost-effective alternative in places where earthing resistance values are insufficient and the installation of earthing tapes would not be economical for reasons of space or cost. 

Earth rod for the installation of earthing systems

Product features

The hot-dip galvanised solid earth rods made of high-strength steel are 25 mm in diameter and are available in a length of 1500 mm. The rods are adjusted via the self-closing press ball coupling so that they cannot be detached mechanically and remain permanently electrically conductive. The rods can be strung together mechanically or with an impact tool in any length until the required resistance value (depending on the local soil conditions) is reached, then the rods are driven into the ground. The soil structure is not disturbed and a measurement can be made immediately afterwards.

Application areas

Earth rods can be used in areas of distribution networks for transformer stations or cable distribution cabinets as an extension of the system earthing in order to improve the earthing potential, to control touch and step voltages, to earth masts, mast switches, surge arresters up to cable armouring and in areas of lightning protection for buildings, tank installations etc.

Various types of driven impact tools are used to drive in the earth rod. When selecting these tools, it must be taken into account that the driving process should be carried out at a speed of 1200 impacts per minute. The dead weight of the impact tool should be ≥ 20 kg.

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