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Integrated transformer stations

BBC Cellpack Power Systems offers cutting-edge transformer stations that can be integrated into existing mechanical rooms.

Indoor installations as integrated transformer stations in existing mechanical rooms or buildings

In urban or industrial areas, transformer stations are often integrated into mechanical rooms of existing or new buildings.

We support you with the design/planning, calculations based on NISV (Ordinance on Protection from Non-ionising Radiation), protection concepts, and take over the complete construction of an integrated transformer station compliant with SN EN 61936-1.

New structures and conversions of indoor installations

Our wide range of products includes all integration work and services for turnkey transformer stations in existing mechanical rooms.

This includes the installation of all station components such as transformers, MV switchgear, LV switchgear combinations, raised floors, oil collecting sump, station lighting, door, and ventilation grilles.

We also undertake the entire high-voltage and low-voltage cabling, the mounting of station lighting, the assembly and commissioning of protection devices, control systems, and SmartGrid components.

You can also benefit from our comprehensive advice, planning, network and NISV calculations and ascertaining the setting values for your protection devices.

Last but not least, we assist you with the renewal, upgrading, repair, overhaul, and maintenance of existing stations.