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Sustainability is of utmost importance to us!

As a long time former developer and manufacturer of SF6-free medium-voltage switchgears, we have a wealth of experience in project planning and the implementation of sustainable solutions.

SF6-free, liquid-insulated medium-voltage switchgear

The trend for medium-voltage switchgears is clearly moving in the direction of greenhouse gas-free designs. Whenever possible, we use SF6-free products such as the compact MV ECOS-C switchgear when designing transformer stations.  

ECOS-C – the SF6-free medium-voltage switchgear

As the slimmest compact circuit breaker in its class, the ECOS-C offers you an SF6-free and user-friendly solution. All panels are equipped with high-quality, vacuum tube circuit breakers and automatic circuit reclosers (ACRs).

The type-tested, metal-encapsulated single busbar system is suitable for a wide range of applications and demanding requirements.  “Made in Germany by Driescher” since 2018.

The heavy-duty system for rated voltages up to 24 kV and rated currents up to 630 A is available in 2 to 7-field designs. Individual blocks can be lined up as required by using a simple busbar tap.

Product features

Rated voltage Ur
24 kV

Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage Ud
50 kV

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage Up
125 kV

Rated frequency fr
50 Hz

Rated short-time current Ik
20 kA

Rated short-circuit duration tk
1 s

Rated surge current Ip
50 kA

Rated normal current Ir
630 A

Rated operating current busbar (Cu) Ir
630 A

Ambient temperature (depending on secondary equipment)
-25 to 40 °C

Fault arc qualification
IAC A FL 20 kA 1 s

Service availability

Degree of protection on operating front
IP2X (IP3X optional)

Degree of protection on secondary box

Degree of protection on system container (primary part)

Site altitude

Insulating medium (outer insulation primary part)
Midel 7131 - synthetic, dielectric, ester-based liquid

Pressure relief

Compliance with standard
EN 62271-200

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