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Low-voltage switchgear combinations – proven quality

High-quality and compact switchgear assemblies for power distribution in the low-voltage network

Low-voltage switchgear combinations compliant with SN EN 61439

The quality and safety requirements for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies are defined by the SN EN 61439 standard. It consists of various parts, whereby the general specifications in SN EN 61439-1 apply to all systems. Depending on the area of application, the corresponding part 2-7 is applied as well.

Part 5 sets out the specific requirements for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies, known as PENDA (Public Energy Network Distribution Assembly). Part 2 specifies the requirements for privately owned power switchgear and controlgear assemblies (PSC).

Low-voltage distributions for public power distribution networks compliant with SN EN 61439-5

We are the original manufacturer of switchgears compliant with SN EN 61439-5 for low-voltage distributions in public power networks (PENDAs).

In contrast to industrial energy distribution systems, all values must be verified by a test in order to obtain the type approval.

Of the sample switchgears extensively tested by BBC Cellpack Power Systems, almost all application-specific combinations can be referenced compliant with SN EN 61439-5.

We focus on extremely durable steel constructions of the control cabinets in order to meet the increased requirements in the field of public energy supply. A recessed roof and additional ventilation spaces in areas with the greatest heat build-up during operation optimise the air circulation and thus the performance values.

We are also happy to provide our customers with advice, clarification, and the implementation of adjustments and the replacement of existing systems.

General technical data for PENDA-I

Standard principles
SN EN 61439-1/-5

Rated current of SK INA
900 A; 1400 A; 1800 A

Rated short-time current
ICW up to 70 kA/1 s, IPK 154 kA

Operating voltage
230 V/400 V; upon request 690 V/990 V

Degree of protection

Protective systems

Cable entries
Below, roof, back wall

Preferred sizes incl. recessed roof
Height: 1840/2040/2240 mm
Depth:  350/400/500/600/800 mm
Width: 600 to 2000 mm
Please contact us if you are interested in different dimensions.

Degree of contamination

Ambient temperature
-25 to 40 °C

Maximum relative humidity
Interior: 50 % at 40 °C

Site altitude
≤ 2000 m above sea level

Type of installation
Free standing, (concrete floor, raised floor), wall, niche  

Special features

Electric overload condition
Short-term overload of 10 % for max. 1 h, provided the system has not previously been operated at the limit of its load capacity. If a higher overload is required, please contact us.

Working on live equipment
If using industrial safety fuses, the system can continue to operate at reduced INA (max. 400 A) without interruption at short notice.

Any questions?

Technical Support

Other products

Low-voltage distributions for industrial applications compliant with SN EN 61439-2

We build customer-specific low-voltage systems precisely to the required specifications up to 4000 A.

From simple systems in design 1 up to the complex design 4b. Our product range extends from the simplest sub-distributions to complete main distributions, in all IP protection degrees and in various colours.

Our strength lies in the design of complex systems, the integration of energy measuring devices, and the installation of a wide range of low and high-voltage switchgear combinations.

We also have extensive experience of systems and products from renowned national and international manufacturers such as Hager (Unimes), SEDOTEC (Vamocon), and EATON

Our services not only include engineering and project planning for new systems and the expansion of existing installations with on-site assembly and cabling, but also expert knowledge of existing systems for clarification for retrofitting. On request, we will hand over the system to you ready for operation, installed by our qualified personnel.

Contact us for a free quote.