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provisorische Trafostation

Reliable power supply on the construction site

Transformer stations in extremely durable and transportable steel containers, configuration according to customer requirements.

Mobile transformer stations for temporary use. These construction site power containers can be operated from the inside and outside. They are available in various sizes and can be individually configured.

Our mobile transformer stations, CONTI type, are extremely reliable and, due to their portability, are ideally suited for temporary power supply on construction sites or, in the event of a power outage, for renovating existing stations.

CONTI mobile transformer station

Our mobile transformer stations are enclosed in extremely rugged and weather-resistant steel containers, which are also used for ocean transport.

The station can be custom-designed or according to your configuration specifications.

All stations can be operated from the inside and outside, and partial or complete electrical installation is possible.

As far as is possible, a selection of the components (transformer, switchgear, etc.) is widely available.

The distribution transformers can be inserted from all four sides or from above through a roof hatch. The transformer area is welded, making it oil-tight, and is used as a catch basin.

The high-quality design means that the stations can be used for many years. We would be happy to undertake any repair work between assignments at our factory in Villmergen.

Our mobile transformer stations fully comply with the requirements of the Ordinance on Heavy Current Installations and relevant engineering standards, namely SN EN 61936-1 for high-voltage installations with AC voltages above 1 kV.

In addition to purchasing new products, you can also rent container stations from us. We have a wide range of temporary solutions available in different sizes and with different equipment. Further information can be found under the corresponding category.

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