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Customised transformer station COMBI

Even more options than the type-tested standard solutions. BBC Cellpack Power Systems' customisable and high-quality transformer stations or technical buildings meet every requirement.

The COMBI building station – compliant with SN EN 61936-1. Its concrete elements can be individually assembled on-site

The COMBI building station can be operated from the inside and is ideally suited to increased interior space requirements with individual station layouts thanks to its modular system of high-quality, prefabricated concrete elements.

The on-site installation and assembly complies with the latest state-of-the-art technology and meets the requirements of the applicable regulations and technical standards.

The COMBI building station

The COMBI building station can be operated from the inside and is constructed on-site. It consists of high-quality, weather-resistant, and industrially prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. Cellpack will install and assemble the unit on-site in one week. The COMBI model is particularly suitable for increased interior space requirements, but can also be used if difficult conditions prevent the transport of a building station «in one piece». The modular system allows us to offer the most individual designs.

The COMBI station model fully complies with the requirements of the Ordinance on Heavy Current Installations and relevant engineering standards, namely SN EN 61936-1 for factory-built stations utilising high voltage and/or low voltage.

As for all other models, the surfaces and façades of the COMBI are available in the most diverse variations. The standard model features formwork-smooth exposed concrete.

Product features

free-standing (standard), slope installation, installation on in-situ concrete, other options

Operating temperature
outdoors -40 °C to 35 °C / indoors -5 °C to 45 °C

SN EN 61936-1, Ordinance on Heavy Current, construction requirements compliant with SIA 118, 261, 262, 264

Standard façade surface
Exposed concrete grey, colourless impregnation

Optional façade surfaces
Anti-graffiti protection, coated, sandblasted, exposed aggregate concrete, abrasion, chippings, various coverings

Concrete quality
Reinforced concrete, C40/50, XC4, XD3, XF2 compliant with SN EN 206-1

Snow load
as standard, up to 1,500 m above sea level compliant with SIA 261

Fire resistance class
REI 60 compliant with SN EN 13501-2

Interior paint
entire interior painted with white water-based dispersion

Doors (standard)
Aluminium, colourless anodised or painted, with ventilation louvers

False floor
Consisting of an aluminium frame onto which pressure-resistant floorboards and/or reinforced concrete floor panels are bolted.

Oil collecting sump
as an option, this sump may be made of GFRP, consist of a steel tub, or an oil-tight collecting area integrated into the foundation; optional additional oil-tight coating for protection zone S3 compliant with VSE 2.19 d is available

Cable entries
Entry system, quantity, size and position according to customer specifications

Construction power entry
Ø 100 mm, with aluminium cover (position according to customer specifications)

Earthing system
consisting of an all-round main earth line made of Cu Ø 8 or Ø 10 mm and earthing busbar

Earth cable feedthroughs
two feedthroughs penetrate the diagonally opposite walls of the cable duct and are connected to the concrete reinforcement bars

Station accessories
wide range of options and equipment available

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