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Standardised UF transformer station

The prefabricated and standardised UF transformer station covers the majority of all applications and is tested to the relevant standards.

Prefabricated UF transformer station compliant with SN EN 62271-202 can be operated from the inside and outside

The UF model can be operated from the inside and outside. It is designed compliant with the type test standard SN EN 62271-202 for prefabricated stations and is available in a wide variety of configurations.

The UF stations are also delivered fully fitted and have been tested in our Villmergen factory for quick installation on-site.


The UF building station

The UF model is made by Betonbau GmbH und Co. KG, Germany. It is a prefabricated building station, and the concrete cabin can be operated from the inside and outside.

This station type is designed compliant with the type test standard SN EN 62271-202 for prefabricated stations and is available in a wide variety of configurations.

The structure is manufactured in one piece without joints, and is available in sizes from 1.8 x 1.8 m to 4.2 x 10.8 m. The transformer capacity can be up to 1,600 kVA, depending on the size of the building.

The entire electrical installation of the UF is made in our factory in Villmergen. Transportation to the construction site and installation on-site is also carried out by BBC Cellpack Power Systems. The work is completed the same day.

There are many different surface and façade variants. Or you can request our standard synthetic resin plaster; the colour is your choice.

Product features

free-standing (standard), slope installation, installation on in-situ concrete, other options

Operating temperature
outdoors -40 °C to 35 °C / indoors -5 °C to 45 °C

Type testing
SN EN 62271-202 incl. Internal Arc Classification IAC AB 20 kA (1 s) with all MV switchgear types

Standard façade surface
Synthetic resin plaster, the colour is your choice
Foundation: Bitumen protective coating, black, Ilack C

Optional façade surfaces
Anti-graffiti protection, various coverings

Concrete quality
• Reinforced concrete, C35/45, XC4, XA1, XF1 compliant with SN EN 206-1
• Fire resistance class: REI 60
• proven oil tightness compliant with VSE 2.19 d

Interior paint
entire interior painted with white water-based dispersion

Operating, transformer, and service door
Aluminium, colourless anodised or painted, with ventilation louvers

False floor
Consisting of an aluminium frame to which pressure-proof, phenolic resin-coated plywood panels are bolted. The surface of these panels is slip-resistant, and moisture resistant

Oil collecting sump
as an option, this sump may be made of GFRP, consist of a steel tub, or an oil-tight collecting area integrated into the foundation; optional additional oil-tight coating for protection zone S3 compliant with VSE 2.19 d is available

Lifting equipment
four lifting points recessed in the roof

Cable entries
Entry system, quantity, size and position according to customer specifications

Construction power entry
Ø 90 mm, with aluminium cover (position according to customer specifications)

Earthing system
consisting of an all-round main earth line made of Cu Ø 8 or Ø 10 mm and earthing busbar

Earth cable feedthroughs
two feedthroughs are located on the diagonally opposite walls of the cable duct and are connected to the concrete reinforcement bars, optional isolated feedthroughs and earthing points on one side

Station accessories
wide range of options and equipment available

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