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Your Expert for Engineering
Protection Systems 

Together with you BBC Cellpack Power Systems will develop the optimal protection system for your power installation. Our engineers are happy to advise you comprehensively, focussing on your requirements. 

Engineering for Medium- and Low-voltage Protection Systems

Protection Systems in Secondary Networks

Professional engineering of secondary equipment in electrical systems ensures flawless energy supply in medium- and low-voltages. It also limits the effects of possible faults in the network. The right protection concept takes current regulations and standards into consideration as well as the operational concept and operational resources.

Building on this, the protection settings are then determined and the protection devices parameterised.  

We are an integrator and manufacturer of transformer station builds, network levels 5–7 as well as a manufacturer of medium voltage systems and low voltage switchgear combinations. Every day we deal intensively with all areas of protection systems in electrical networks.

Take Advantage of Our Experience
Countless customer porjects, many years of experience, know-how dealing with the most varied operational requirements: we can put together a scalable protection concept for your secondary network. In addition, we can specify the required relays and transformers.

Portection Systems – Serivce Overview

  • Independent maximum current, time protection (UMZ, UMZ-R)
  • Dependent maximum current, time protection (AMZ)
  • Distance protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Transformer- and cable differential protection
  • Bus bar protection
  • Under- and over frequency protection
  • Automatic return to service (AR, KU)
  • Short circuit indicator
  • Insulation monitoring unit
  • Protocols: IEC 60870 IEC 61850

Know-how Medium Voltage
We have knowledge of protection systems from current brands such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Sprecher Automation, NSE, Woodward and IDS. We also have product knowledge from companies such as Kries, Horstmann, Eberle etc

Know-how Low Voltage
Circuit breaker with protection functionality from z.B. ABB (SACE), Hager (Terasaki) or Schneider.

Profit now from our expertise. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Markus Keusch
Project Manager
+41 79 681 63 64