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Protection Testing: carried our safely from trained experts

Recognise avoidable faults quickly and reliably: that is the job of a professionally installed protection technology. Alongside this lies regular testing of your medium-voltage protection relay or regular testing of your low voltage circuit breaker with protection functionality, which should be carried out on-site by trained experts.

Protection Testing in Energy Supply Networks

Electrical power installations must be regularly tested and maintained. BBC Cellpack Power Systems is in the position to, with modern measuring devices, test many common primary and secondary protection systems and produce the necessary standardised test documents.
We offer all services for more safety in accordance with the specified regulations. 

Network Protection Technology for Medium- and Low-voltage Systems

We are integrator and manufacturer for transformer station builds, network levels 5–7 as well as manufacturer of medium-voltage systems and low-voltage switchgear combinations. Every day we deal intensively with topics regarding protection systems in electrical networks.

Take Advantage of Our Experience
We can draw on many years of multifaceted experience with products from different manufacturers. That is why we can test many installations and systems efficiently and cost-effectively, without much additional training.

Expertise in the field of medium voltage
We test protection systems from current brands such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Sprecher Automation, NSE, Woodward and IDS. And of course, our predecessors Stationenbau, Sprecher & Schuh, Sprecher Energie, GEC Alstom, Alstom.

Expertise in the field of low voltage
Circuit breakers with protection functionality from ie. ABB (SACE), Hager (Terasaki) orSchneider.

We produce detailed inspection- and operational protocols for documentation purposes.


Markus Keusch
Project Manager
+41 79 681 63 64