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Services cable distribution cabinets from A to Z

You can rely on BBC Cellpack Power Systems for the comprehensive service and retrofit of private labels, products of predecessor companies Peyer, Huser & Peyer and Rutschmann as well as all other manufacturers!

Service, maintenance and repair – Comprehensive services for cable distribution cabinets from BBC Cellpack Power Systems.

Environmental influences and vandalism expose the concrete or GFRP cable distribution cabinets to heavy stresses. We address this by offering a comprehensive package to maintain and service the cable distribution cabinets. Our services also include upgrades and retrofits to the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Your service partner for distribution cabinets of all types and manufacturers

Renovation of outer shells
We undertake the expert cleaning and repair of concrete surfaces and replace the housing’s protection to seal the body shell. Our extended maintenance includes the replacement of cabinet roofs, doors and entire door systems (e.g. for cabinets installed in niches), protection against snails and insects, and the replacement of entire cabinets with identical types or custom sizes, including adjustment to the foundations.

Interior renovations and maintenance
Depending on the customer's requirements, the interior service includes cleaning and painting, repair of the electrical equipment including parts relating to the streetlighting and interior illumination, replacement of moisture barriers, and renewal of operating material such as fuse holders, fuse cartridges etc.

When upgrading or retrofitting existing cabinets and niche installations, we have the appropriate kit solutions and comply with the Electrosuisse Regulations (electrosuisse info 3053).

We can also offer you precisely fitting replacement cabinets for installation on existing foundations.

Give us a call, we’d be happy to discuss with you the possibilities for repairing your cable distribution cabinet.


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Cable distribution cabinets
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