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SmartGrid Stations
– Swiss made!

With increasing demands on the switching capacity of low- and medium-voltage systems as well as system automation, we know that building SmartGrid transformer stations requires skill, knowledge, experience and flexibility. We are the right people to contact for your flexible solution!

SmartGrid: Your Intelligent Transformer Station

Concentrated Engineering Power Solving Complex Problems 

Whether it be a question on secondary protective technology, measuring technology or automation, BBC Cellpack Power Systems has the necessary know-and the sought after competence to integrate pioneering solutions, across many different fields of technology.

Ingenious Local Network Stations

Local network stations are becoming more «intelligent»
This means that the technical demands on main electrical components such as transformers, medium-voltage systems and low-voltage systems are increasing. Therefore, more cabinets are required for communication equipment and the demand for space increases. 

This means that manufacturers have to come up with smarter, more powerful, more compact solutions for these single components.

Higher Demands Driven by Increasing Complexity
Arc-fault protection, temperature increase of systems due to higher electricity use as well as higher short-circuit currents: the increase in standard modifications presents more complex demands on the construction of transformer stations.  

The initially high investment costs can be met with resource-saving measures. It is possible to do this with advanced automation as well as the ‚intelligent’ control and regulation of the systems.

We can offer you smart solutions for your compact stations or indoor facilities with the following products:

Medium-voltage systems up to 24 kV, SF6-free ECOS-C, compact switchgear system  

  • uniquely slim 240 mm panel width
  • high quality controllers for frequent switching (classe M2)   
  • maintenance-free, vacuum interrupters
  • arc-fault safe design thanks to the single-phase encapsulation
  • protectice relays and transformers/sensors are directly integrated to save space


Low-voltage Switchgear Combinations (in accordance with SN EN 61439-5 )

  • modular solutions that can be optimally scaled   
  • high-quality circuit breakers and protective functions   
  • with measuring devices including remote transmission
  • with active arc-fault protection system

Cable distribution cabinets in accordance with SN EN 61439-5, in robust, cement housing

  • Individual solutions with separate sections for circuit breakers
  • with measuring devices including remote transmission
  • possibility to upgrade to an E-Bike charging Station

Installing SmartGrid medium-voltage systems from third parties (Siemens, Schneider, Driescher) performing the engineering, installation and testing of secondary equipment in our own facilities

  • Installing adjustable, local network transformers from all manufacturers


Markus Keusch
Product Manager for SmartGrid
+41 56 619 88 34


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