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Electrical systems, Substations and Components for Low- and Medium-voltage Electricity Distribution Grids

Your Power Partner for Low- and Medium Voltages!

Whether we act as a value-added service provider of medium-voltage systems or as the original manufacturer of switchgear combinations; delivering factory-assembled transformer stations or as a service provider for system installations, our solutions connect safely and are present at critical points in the distribution grid. Working round the clock, from urban zones in central Switzerland, right up to Zermatt, 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, our systems delivery reliably and safely over decades, guaranteeing your service and electricity that is readily available for consumers.

In addition, our products are mainly «Swiss made». We are proud of this!

Try us out today! We look forward to working with you. 


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Transformer Stations for Distribution Grids, levels 5 to 7

We can offer you factory assembled, cement stations, which are preferred solutions, type tested in accordance with SN EN 62271-202 and equipped with various medium-voltage systems. Equipped with your preferred medium-voltage system, we can build housing with cement modules or construct a complete indoor facility in accordance with SN EN 61936-1.

SF6-free Medium-Voltage Systems up to 24kV

The SF6-free metal-enclosed compact switchgears, according to SN EN 62271-200 «ECOS-C» (2- to 7 panels, 630 A, to 24 kV) are developed and manufactured by Driescher in Germany. A standard configuration (630A) of the individual panels allows for maximum flexibility over the entire product life span.

Low-voltage Switchgear Combinations in Cabinets

We are the original manufacturer of switchgear combinations in cabinets, in accordance with SN EN 61439-5 (PENDA-I) and solutions for 630 to 2000 A, used in public energy supply and distribution.

Cable Distribution Cabinets

We are the original manufacturer of switchgear combinations for solutions up to 1000 A, that come in individual, steel-reinforced cement housing, built in accordance with SN EN 61439-5 (PENDA-O). Ensuring that the same design is always available, is important to us. As a manufacturer, we can also supply simpler, plastic cabinets that are equipped to meet your requirements. 

Building and Construction Supplies

Our building and construction team are here to competently advise you on our wide product portfolio of building supplies, such as:

  • cement cable ducts and covers
  • aluminium doors and ventilation grids
  • oil tanks
  • safety equipment
  • duct hatches
  • customised double / false flooring