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Pinpoint Earthing

Only a correct grounding of high- and low-voltage systems can ensure that the maximum, permitted touch and step voltages are maintained.

Control Measurements – to ensure that your system runs smoothly

Earthing measurements are extremely important before any system goes operational and whilst in operation.

The maximum ground impedence value of the system grounding has to be adhered to according to guidelines.

Taking the maintenance intervals into consideration, the measurements have to be repeated every 5–10 years. Special measuring devices can detect and log whether or not the ground impedence is small enough.

Our experts are happy to do this on your behalf. 

Measurement Results from our Experts that are Spot On!

Our experts take the measurements using modern and calibrated equipment.

We are happy to discuss the results with you and undertake the repair of major defects as well as cleaning up your system. 


Markus Keusch
Project Manager 
+41 79 681 63 64