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Even when using E-mobility, the right connection is essential!

The right connection to the distribution network is the key to success when it comes to implementing the charging infrastructure for e-mobility. You can rely on the experience and on individual or standardised solutions from BBC Cellpack Power Systems.


We provide the «juice» for the charging station

An area-wide network of charging stations for the promotion of electric vehicles is an important element on the way to the mobility of the future. BBC Cellpack Power Systems has the necessary know-how and the corresponding solutions to implement the required infrastructure when it comes to providing the electrical energy of charging points of all kinds.


Charging infrastructure for light vehicles

Multitude is powerful

With the growing number of available charging stations in private and public spaces, the requirements on the facilities and the demand for electrical energy are also increasing. The infrastructure upstream of the charging stations is confronted with peak capacities requirements and load profiles unknown to date. A rapidly growing demand for charging stations is expected in the coming years.

Private and public sector operators are therefore called upon to provide an intelligent, high-performance infrastructure that meets the requirements of electromobility.

Low or medium voltage connection

Charging stations for light vehicles are usually integrated in grid level 7 (230/400 V) of the distribution network. Depending on the cumulation of the charging points and the requirements for the simultaneity factor, however, integration into the next higher voltage level with correspondingly more power reserves is quickly necessary. We are happy to offer you our standardised preferred solutions or develop the application tailored to your requirements.

If you require just a little more

Light vehicles or not, the trend is clearly towards faster charging. The construction of a fast charging station with more than 100 kW or even ultra fast charging stations of up to 350 kW usually requires a separate medium voltage connection. Again, tried-and-tested preferred solutions await you.


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Other solutions

Charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles

A special discipline

Larger vehicles such as delivery vans, trucks and buses require even more power. If such commercial vehicles are operated electrically, the use of known solutions in transformer station construction is no longer sufficient. Because in addition to providing the very high, electrical energy, it often requires a retrievability of the charging current in a short time.

Electric buses – a special scenario

If an e-bus must be charged at a bus stop, the requirements for the charging infrastructure can often only be implemented with battery storage acting as a buffer. Thus, the upstream network can be relieved of the short-term surge and very short charging times can be achieved.

Many years of experience and well-known partners

We find the right solution for every requirement in the area of electrical power supply for charging stations. We can draw on many years of experience and provide you with a tailor-made solution. In addition, we cooperate with important partners such as when already established applications derive from a modular overall concept.