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Compact Medium-voltage Switchgear Systems with Circuit Breakers

Compact, SF6-free, medium-voltage switchgear systems with powerful circuit breakers technology?
Yes, it is possible – with the ECOS-C! Made in Germany, by Driescher.

Buy Factory-assembled, SF6-free, Compact Medium-voltage System

The World’s Most Compact Switchgear: ECOS-C

This is unique: a panel width of 240mm in switchgear from 24 kV, 20 kA/3s! No other switchgear has these features and is so compact in design and build.

This makes the ECOS-C the ideal solution for substations in urban zones. Another great feature is the single pole encasing in IP 67.

Compact Medium-voltage Power Switch Systems: Product Features

Alongside meeting the standard requirements, it is also vital to consider the following points when planning your installation:

  • it needs to take up minimal space in the station
  • it should use SF6-free technology
  • it should have circuit breaker technology
  • it should have a high level of automation.

For these aforementioned points and other criteria, the ECOS-C is an exciting and compact solution. Further product features are:

  • 240 mm panel width which means seven (7) circuit breaker fields fit on 1.85 m width
  • digital protection is built in without additional low-voltage recesses in the 1.4 m height
  • complete primary part in IP67, stainless steel system and an encased single pole
  • environmentally-friendly, proven liquid insulation using MIDEL 7131
  • high performing vacuum interruptor tubes 20 kA, 3 s i circuit breaker
  • all circuit breakers can be easily motorised.

A matching, air-insulated metering bay (panel width 890mm) is also available. Ideal for your transmission- or substation. SmartGrid-ready – definitely!

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