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Comprehensive services for station buildings

You too can count on the experience of our specialists and on BCC Cellpack Power Systems as the original manufacturer of transformer stations in the Swiss energy market.

Service, maintenance and upkeep of transformer stations

High availability and value retention of power distribution systems with BBC Cellpack Power Systems - Our tailored all-round service for transformer stations and systems in accordance with current regulations makes it possible.

What we offer

Each transformer station is individual and has its own history. We will be happy to carry out an on-site survey of the necessary and most appropriate work to maintain the value and function of your systems. Our service portfolio includes the following areas:

Outer shells

We undertake the expert cleaning and repair of concrete surfaces and replace the housing’s protection to seal the body shell. The extended scope of maintenance includes the replacement of doors and ventilation grilles or the repair of concrete damage by our “concrete artist”. Depending on the stress caused by environmental influences, joints may also have to be repointed.

Inner workings

We create a package of the work to be done inside the transformer stations. This usually includes cleaning, visual inspection and any repairs to the building space and its electrical equipment, including interior lighting, ventilation or air conditioning units. Cable seals and putty joints are renewed if necessary and operating material is replaced or supplemented. Extended maintenance work includes the servicing of medium-voltage systems and transformers, as well as the periodic inspection and servicing of low-voltage distributions in accordance with the applicable regulations. The scope of services also includes regular earth measurements and any necessary repairs to the earthing system.


As a rule, the building shell outlasts several generations of electrical equipment. Within the scope of retrofit projects, we replace entire systems or only parts of them. This can include the renewal of protection systems, power increase or additional distribution feeders. In this way, we bring your systems up to date and ensure proper dismantling and recycling of residual waste, i.e. the disposal of SF6 gas from medium-voltage systems.

Give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and an appropriate service package with you on site.


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