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Non-ionising Radiation Protection Calculation – the Expertise is what counts!

To achieve 100% certainty with the calculation, it is extremely important that experts who have the necessary experience carry out the measurement. BBC Cellpack Power Systems has this practical experience. 

Non-ionising Radiation Protection: reliably calculating electrical fields

The regulation on protection against non-ionising radiation demands mandatory proof that the threshold values for transformer stations, cable distribution cabinets, distributors and cables are adhered to.
BBC Cellpack Power Systems can determine these values through calculations and regulation compliant measurements. If the threshold values are exceeded, we will work together with you to come up with a restructuring plan and specific protection methods. 

Calculate Electrical fields Correctly!

We offer you a quick and expert calculation for your system. BBC Cellpack Power Systems uses the most modern software to conduct these calculations to prove compliance with the threshold values. All calculations are extensively documented.

The measurement process is used mainly on existing or complex systems.

Terms and Threshold Values
The emmission threshold value applies to everywhere where there are people (except for operational personnel) and this value is 100 μT for 50-Hz-systems.
The system threshold value of 1 μT for 50 Hz-systems is valid for places with sensitive use (PSU). These are areas that people spend longer periods of time in (at least 20 hours / week) such as playgrounds, bedrooms and school buildings.

Three-step, Reliable Measurement Process,
A three-step process is used to calculate the non-ionising radiation protection in transformers and power cables:
Evaluation at fixed intervals according to ESTI

  • Calculating the B-fields (magnetic flux density)
  • Measuring the B and E fields (electrical field strength)

We need the following details and documents to perform the correct calculation:

  • Voltage level
  • Plans
  • Equipment list (systems, transformers, cabling)

If the calculations show that there are problems with complying with the threshold values, we will immediately recommend appropriate and relevant restorative measures to you.


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